Monday, March 17, 2008

Various pictures from St. George

I went down this weekend with my parents and some of my family to St. George for the funeral services that were held there for Uncle John. These are just a few of the pictures I took while we were down there. I mostly went down even though they are having services in Bountiful tomorrow because Di was going to be there with her family and I wanted to see her and her family. I'm glad I went. Anyway, here are some pictures.

Molly in the pool at the condo with two of her cousins.
Lys and Emma in the condo after they were done swimming. Didn't actually get my camera out to take pictures until they were out of the water. Wished I remembered it sooner. Ah, well.
Jimmy swimming.
This is a picture of those of us who were there from my family. Sue and her girls, Di and her family, my parents, my kids and me. I told Russ he would have been happy being there because he wouldn't have been the only one with long hair. Bill and Cole both have as long of hair as he does.
This was a picture that got taken at WalMart. We had gone shopping for clothes for Di's girls and Seth saw the Easter Bunny and asked if the pictures were free and got us to get one. Seth is the same age as Jimmy. Hard to believe since he's so much taller. Okay, he's one month older than Jimmy, if you want to be technical about it.
My kids after the services. They wanted to play, not get pictures taken.
Gathering around the cake that was for Cole for his birthday that was on Sunday.
Josie (behind the tree), Molly, Emma, Lys, Jimmy, and Madison looking at the Koi pond.
The kids and me after the services.

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gsd4de said...

Nice photos. I like the dresses you got for your girls. I'll have to remember to not let my girls see these pictures or I'll be in trouble for not getting them new dresses for Easter....:)