Monday, March 10, 2008

A job I wouldn't like to have....

I could hear the sound of chainsaws going this afternoon and knew that someone must be working on a tree somewhere. I decided to go out and look after a while. Saw this guy in my neighbor's mostly dead tree cutting it down. All I could think of is that I would really, really not like that job. Maybe when I was younger when I liked to climb trees. Lately I've decided that I am afraid of heights. Basically decided this at the start of last summer when I was going to break down and get the swamp cooler running instead of making Russ do it. Got the ladder out and climbed up to the edge of the roof. At that point, I gave up. Couldn't figure out how to get from the top of the ladder onto the roof without scaring myself to death and thinking I was going to fall. I thought of that as I watched this worker climb up higher and higher on the tree than I ever would have dared go and then reach as far as he could with his chain saw to cut branches. Later watched him move from the tall branch he is on in the picture to the other tall branch a few feet away. So yes, I now have a new job to add onto my list of jobs I would hate to have. Tree trimmer. As you can probably tell from the picture, the tree was a pretty tall tree before they cut it down.
Yes, I know. Kind of a pointless post, but when has that stopped me before?

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