Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 9th Birthday Jimmy!

Today is Jimmy's birthday. We also had his birthday party today. Figured since Sunday is Easter, it would be better to have his party before the weekend. Of course, I pulled a usual and totally spaced taking my camera along to take any pictures. Feel kind of bad about it. Especially since Jimmy made his own cake (he did almost all of it himself...including adding blue food coloring to the white cake mix to make a blue cake).

For his party we went to Burger King. He's been wanting to have a party there or at McDonald's for a very long time and I decided it sounded easier. I called a Burger King in Layton and asked them about parties and they said they allow them, but that's all they do for them. Which is basically what I wanted anyway. Jimmy made his own invitations, too. I have no idea why I haven't wanted to have parties at a place like that before. It was so much easier than the usual birthday party. Kids play on the playland stuff, order them each a kids' meal, open presents and eat cake. I think it ended up being cheaper than a usual party, too. The only thing Jimmy was slightly sad about going there for a party is that meant no pinata. I think this party was even easier than last year when we let him invite just two friends (one being a cousin) and going to a movie.

At one point Russ grabbed a little bag of balloons that he bought (hm...didn't even think of taking my balloons along for balloon animals) and went to blow a couple up. All of the kids who were in the play area gathered around asking for balloons. I laughed picturing these kids then going up to their parents to show them. Parent: Where did you get that balloon? Kid: From that long-haired man sitting over in the corner. I mentioned that to Russ and his response was: But I'm a good-looking long-haired man.

All in all, Jimmy has had a good 9th birthday. Hard to believe he's already 9 though. He's going to be a teenager before I know it.

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Stacey said...

Yeah, happy birthday Jimmy! It sounds like it was a fun party. Too bad you didn't get pictures.