Wednesday, March 26, 2008

101 Things...

Okay, after reading Challene's post and "tag" of 101 things and after realizing that Jo sent me one a really long time ago and I never got around to doing it, I finally sat down and made my list of 101 Things About Me. Good luck if you choose to read it all. So here it is...101 Things About Me:
101. I'm very blind without my contacts or glasses
100. I find it hard to come up with a list of 101 things about me. (Which is fairly obvious if I'm putting this as #100.)
99. I was named after a dog. Granted, the dog's name was really Dog.
98. I hate making phone calls.
97. I love to play soccer but never was all that great at it because I'm somewhat afraid of the ball. Well, not of the ball, really, but of getting hurt by the ball.
96. I watch way too much tv.
95. I have colored my hair once in my life.
94. I am left-handed because of the whole mirror-image twin thing.
93. Which also makes me a freak of nature. (The whole twin thing, that is.)
92. I once had a fastest milkshake eating contest with Stacey, who started to choke on hers and I nearly choked on mine laughing really hard when her contact fell out when she was coughing. Just dropped straight out onto the table.
91. I know how to speak in "double-dutch."
90. Sometimes I really wish Russ did, too.
89. I have over 100 pages written of a story but stopped a long time ago. Not sure where to go from there. Probably just have to rewrite the whole thing.
88. I got my appendix out when I was 9.
87. I was in the hospital after getting my appendix out when Regan won the re-election for President. I just wondered why nothing else was on tv.
86. My teacher wasn’t going to make me do any homework for the time I missed from getting my appendix out, but Stacey decided to be “nice” and stopped and picked it up for me so I had to do it.
85. I played the Wicked Witch of the East in my 5th grade class play. (The play was called Santa in Ozland.)
84. Stacey played the Good Witch.
83. I spun off the stage and Stacey spun back on. A friend’s mom wondered how we did that because she thought it was just one person.
82. Only lines I remember from that play are “Boil, boil, toil and trouble!” And that my hat fell off during one performance as I ran down the aisle.
81. When I was three, I got my heel caught in the spokes of a bike while riding behind my dad. I remember it happening.
80. I’m amazed I’ve been able to come up with this many things about me.
79. Russ is the only boy I’ve kissed. Well, unless you count that boy I kissed in some birthday party kissing game. But since I didn’t even know his name, I don’t count it. Oh, and unless you count having your brother make you kiss your friend when you are 5, but I don’t count that one either.
78. I used to know how to play the clarinet.
77. I can sort of pick out the top hand on the piano, but if I want to add the bottom hand, I have to memorize it note by note and slowly combine it with the top hand. I have no idea how people can read the two lines of music at once.
76. I almost always have some song stuck in my head.
75. Also almost anything can get a different song stuck in my head.
74. With small children, however, usually the song is a song from one of their shows.
73. I was a chorus member in my high school production of The Music Man.
72. Opening night I missed my curtain call.
71. During the times we weren’t on stage, we would sit in the drama room and play B.S.
70. That started a long tradition of playing B.S. at lunch in the halls at school.
69. Occasionally we would break tradition and play a different game.
68. Now when we get together with friends, we usually play the card game Contact Rummy.
67. I think we stopped playing B.S. because they got tired of our cheating at that game.
66. I once got into trouble in drama class in high school for playing cards during class. Who knew the teacher thought was she was saying was important?
65. I really like being able to stretch one subject into several lines for this.
64. The first time I ever flew on a plane was the night before I started high school.
63. While at the zoo as part of the activities for Senior Prom, a bird managed to poop on my head.
62. I watched a runner go by with the Olympic torch for two different Olympics Games.
61. I have a Great Dane. She’s old and sleeps most of the day.
60. I always wanted a Great Dane before I got one (I trace this back to the movie The Ugly Dachshund) and should I decide to get another dog eventually, I will most likely get another one.
59. At this point, I’m not sure I want to get another dog.
58. I took keyboarding at Dixie just because I wanted a class that would be an easy “A.”
57. I later took Shakespeare for the same reason. Trust me; it really was an easy “A.”
56. Okay, I also took Shakespeare because I like Shakespeare.
55. While on the subject of easy “A” classes, I also took Freshwater Fishing.
54. Not long after taking that class, I went fishing with my dad and my uncle. I caught more fish that both of them together, so the class must have helped.
53. Every year I tell Russ I’m going to try to take him to a lake to go fishing. Somehow, we never quite get around to it.
52. I came very close to getting a hole in one on a par 3 golf course once. Ball went right over the hole.
51. If I remember right, it took me three more strokes to actually get it in the hole.
50. I still think my dad and brother would have killed me if I actually had gotten the hole in one.
49. The summer after high school I went with my parents, Stacey, and grandpa to Germany to pick up my brother from his mission. We spent 2 weeks touring Germany and Europe.
48. If you go back and read my journal from that trip, most days will say something like, “We stopped in some town today. Can’t remember the name of the town.”
47. While we were eating lunch in an open court area in Barcelona, a police van pulled up near us and several officers armed with Uzi’s got out and just stood there for a few minutes. Then they got in and drove away.
46. I much preferred the flight home in business class rather than the flight to Germany in coach.
45. Growing up, my oldest sister would bring home all the strays and find them homes but I would be the one who took care of them.
44. I would have to say that my two favorite rides at Disneyland are the Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain.
43. I took Concert Choir at Dixie my last quarter there just to go on the trip to Disneyland with the class.
42. I don’t like to go shopping. But I like it better after working at ZCMI than I did before working there.
41. I am not sad that they tore down the ZCMI building downtown. There was a certain elevator there I hated.
40. Twice that elevator did strange things. Once it stopped suddenly between floors and the doors opened up then closed again then it continued on its way. The second time I started out on the second floor and pushed the button to go to the basement level. Instead of just going down two floors, it went up to the third floor then down and stopped at the first floor.
39. Maybe it was the free samples I got, but one of my favorite jobs was working at the Western Nut Company.
38. Although I much prefer having my current job as a stay at home mom.
37. I have made Caramel Layer Brownies enough that I don’t need to look at the recipe anymore. Even if I go a long time in between making them.
36. The main problem with Caramel Layer Brownies is that I eat them all. By myself.
35. I think I sent Russ a letter when he was on his mission once a week for his entire mission.
34. I got 5 or 6 letters total from Russ when I was on my mission.
33. Granted, that’s better than the 0 letters Stacey got from him.
32. When Russ proposed to me, he had plans on being all romantic and having us take the dog for a walk along Bountiful Blvd. Then the dog didn’t behave very well and got him upset so we went back to his car, got in it, he handed me the two 25 cent rings he got out of a vending machine for until we got the real ring and said, “Well?”
31. So now sometimes when Russ will say that he’s still glad I said yes, I’ll say, “I’m still glad you said “Well?” I don’t think he finds it as funny as I do.
30. I really don’t mind Russ’ long hair, in fact, I sort of like it. I just think he looks better with shorter hair.
29. I have only been pulled over by police once. And that was because the headlight was out on the car. So no ticket.
28. I’m still a little nervous driving next to big trucks after nearly getting squished by one on the freeway when it was under construction and only had two lanes of traffic each way and no shoulder to speak of.
27. When Russ and I go places together, I usually drive because I back seat drive too much when he’s driving.
26. Plus it’s easier on long trips to be the one driving than the one who has to take care of the kids when they get upset or need things.
25. When doing visiting teaching recently, for some reason I mentioned the X-Files. The husband’s eyes lit up and I discovered that he’s a bigger geek than I am. At least I never cancelled out on a date to stay home and watch the X-Files. (Of course, I doubt he used a quote from the show in his missionary homecoming talk.)
24. Instead we always had X-File watching parties where it was tradition that I would make milkshakes.
23. It has been a very long time since I’ve made a milkshake.
22. Every year on our birthday, Stacey and I sing to each other, “Happy, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me. And to you.”
21. Only reason I’m happy about Daylight Savings Time starting earlier is because it’s no longer close to my birthday.
20. But I’d rather they get rid of Daylight Savings Time all together.
19. Wow, I never actually thought I would make it down to #19.
18. I am really not looking forward to the heat of the summer. Especially being pregnant.
17. I have found out that there are times that showers with only the cold water turned on feels really, really nice.
16. And that’s usually when the air conditioning of your top floor apartment in Georgia breaks and so it gets to be over 110 inside.
15. I keep thinking about getting a few inches cut off of my hair but then I start to wonder if I really want to have shorter hair than my husband again.
14. I also keep thinking that as it gets warmer, I won’t care and will go ahead and get my hair cut.
13. One of the most entertaining things about growing up with a mother who is hard of hearing was when telemarketers would call and we would say, “She is here but is hard of hearing. May I relay a message?” The telemarketer would almost always then say, “No, that’s okay, I’ll call back later.”
12. It would seem strange to me when other people’s mothers answered the phone.
11. I have gone to movies enough where the weather was nice and sunny going in and raining when I came out that it seems strange to come out and have it be sunny.
10. I once won a case of ketchup from the old Alpha Beta store.
9. A case of ketchup is really hard to carry when walking home from the store when you are about 10 years old.
8. Although at 10, I don’t know that I was all that thrilled to win ketchup. I was thrilled to actually win something though.
7. I like living in Kaysville where I do.
6. I like being able to have a dollar theater close enough to walk to.
5. Part of me wonders if I will still be the Webelos den leader when Jimmy goes into Webelos in a year.
4. At the rate they are going with getting an assistant leader for me, I also almost wonder if I will have an assistant who will be able to cover for me when the baby is born.
3. Even though I’ve seen all of the episodes, I’m still looking forward to Psych being on NBC starting the first Sunday in April.
2. My favorite Psych episode is still probably the Scary Sherry one. I laughed and laughed.
1. Man, I really need to get a life, but I actually finished my list! Yay!


Stacey said...

Wicked Witch of the West, wasn't it? I just remember that I spun on and said, "Oh, thank you, thank you!" and something about it being the best Christmas present ever.
And I think you cheated stretching some of those subjects a bit too long. :)

Cindy said...

East, West, same difference. :)

Green Family said...

Oh,gosh! Carmel layered brownies. You know... the family fireside is coming up and... well, carmel (caramel?) layered brownies would, I think, complement the meeting quite nicely!

Meg&CC said...

I am sorry to disapoint, but Dave & I have the dessert on Sunday and brownies are on my list of "can't make", although I think treats were encouraged for the Pizza Party on Friday so Cindy could bring the brownies to that.