Friday, September 23, 2011

Rachel and Dylan Well Checks

Earlier this week I took Rachel and Dylan for their yearly well checks.  Decided that they are close enough in age that I might as well save a trip and take them together. 

Rachel is growing well.  She kept saying "hi" to the doctor and stole his stethoscope.  She didn't like the 4 shots she got (one of which was the flu shot...a must in a household with a heart kid), but who does?  She has stayed at the high end of the percentile scale for height but is going down a little in weight, which is normal.  She was a little sick before going to the doctor and hurled in the car on the way there.  Which was the one time I was glad to have a broken washing machine.  I happened to have laundry in my car to do after the doctor so was able to change her quickly.

Dylan is understandably nervous about going to the doctor lately.  I told him as we were going that as long as he doesn't get sick, he won't have to go to the doctor again for at least 6 months after this one.  Which apparently I shouldn't have told him.  He's doing really well.  He even went up in the percentile range, which is great for a heart kid.  He even went up so he's in the above average range.  His problem is that he has a hydrocele and likely an undescended testicle.  Which means that he needs to see a urologist.  He goes next week.  He's not going to be happy about it because it's at PCMC, which is where he goes for his cardiology appointments.  And it will likely mean some more surgery for him.  Poor kid is really going to hate doctor appointments after this.  He also failed the hearing test in his right ear, but that was likely due to large amounts of wax in his ear and the fact that Rachel chose that time to yell loudly. 

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