Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Events

Yes, I realize it has been a while since I have posted. I did try to post at one point. But my computer froze when trying to upload some pictures so I put it off. And kept putting it off. So I'm making one big post to describe the summer. There aren't as many pictures as there could have been. I brought my camera to several things we did, but failed to get it out and take many pictures.

The week after school let out, I drove up to Idaho with my mom and kids to visit my sister and her family. It was kind of a spur of the moment trip. We had a good time there and the kids loved swimming in the hotel swimming pool. They were all really good travelers, which was nice. Most of the pictures from that trip are ones Jimmy took on the day we went to the zoo.

This first one is of Ben, one of my nephews.
Here are Emma, Molly, Lys, Alex, and Chris getting in a big nest (along with some other kids).
I'm posting this one of Rachel that was taken in the hotel room just because I think it's a silly picture. :)
Jimmy, Chris, and Ben at the zoo.
Later in June, my brother and his family came out to visit from Georgia.  We some fun things with them while they were here.  We went to the zoo (the word "fun" here is questionable.  It was very hot.  I think the kids had fun though) and Lagoon and things like that.  Unfortunately, I only really got one picture the whole time (okay, I got a few with my cell phone but haven't been able to transfer those to the computer).

This is of my kids on a big dinosaur at the zoo.  Well, minus Rachel.  She was sitting happily in the stroller.
We also had Dylan's heart cath in the summer, but I did post about that.  At least a little.  In July we went camping with Russ' family.  Russ wasn't able to get off work so I went up a day before he did.  That was interesting since a bear had been seen in the area the day before we got there.  But we had fun.  Got covered with dirt from head to toe, but it was fun.

In August we had the Family Heart Camp with IHH.  Being on the governing board, I helped out a lot with things there so Russ spent most of the time with the kids.  Unfortunately, Jimmy was sick so he spent the weekend with my parents.  I thought the camp turned out great.  The camp is held every year at Camp Wapiti, a campground run by the Elk's Club specifically for groups involved with kids with various health issues.  In July there is Camp Hawkins, a camp just for heart kids and their siblings.  There are also camps for kids with cancer, diabetes and other things.

The kids had a lot of fun at camp and especially liked the time spent swimming.  There was a symposium for the adults where a few from the cardiology areas of PCMC came and spoke.  One talked about some of the studies that PCMC is part of, including a pulmonary conduit study that Dylan is in.  Dr. Gray from the cath lab came and spoke on what is new with the cath lab and what they hope to be able to do in the future.  Meanwhile, we had various activities for the kids, including a reptile show (which was a hit).  The rest of the pictures are from the family camp.

School started about a week after the family camp.  Our summer seemed to be busier at times than other summers, but it was a good summer.  

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