Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to School

Back on the 22nd of August, the kids started back to school. Jimmy started his first year of Jr. High as a 7th grader (can I say that still seems strange to me that he's old enough for Jr. High?). He seems to really like it so far. Especially the lunches. Emma started the 4th grade. She has the same teacher she had for 2nd grade and is very happy about that. Molly started the 2nd grade and has the same teacher Jimmy had. She really likes it so far. Alyssa started the 1st grade and has a teacher none of my kids have had, but seems to really like her teacher and class. She's not so sure about going all day, but is doing fine with it. I think Dylan gets a little bored with his older sisters and brother at school all day, but he also seems to have fun having just him and Rachel at home. The house is definitely quieter with them in school.

Anyway, here are their first day of school pictures. I didn't get one with all four since Jimmy left before the girls even got up for the day.

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