Thursday, October 6, 2011

Doctors and Illness

I realize that I never posted about Dylan's urology appointment he had last week. But that was largely due to Rachel being very sick with strep throat. She was sick for his appointment and luckily my mom was able to watch her while I took him in.

Dylan was surprisingly good for his doctor appointment. I explained to him what they would do and that he definitely would not get an iv poke. He was very happy and had a good time going. At least playing with all of the toys they have there.

The doctor came in and examined him and said he does need surgery to correct his hydrocele and his undescended testicle. He will have that surgery done in the first part of November. The tricky part will be to keep him well during that time. Especially with how much we have all been sick so far, which brings me back to Rachel.

She got a high fever the Sunday night before Dylan's appointment, which was about the time I was expecting her to get a fever from getting her mmr immunization. She was miserable. My happy girl who tries to be happy even when not feeling well wasn't happy at all. She cried when she wasn't asleep. And she slept as long as she was held.

The fever didn't go away when I thought it should. I gave her an extra day (mostly because I didn't feel like taking her to the pediatrician the day I took Dylan to the urologist. So on Wednesday I called and took her in. The doctor looked at her and saw that her throat looked very sore. He explained that it is really rare for kids as young as she is to get strep, but decided to do a throat culture anyway. They called on Thursday and said it was negative but would check again the next day. They called back on Friday and said it was positive. They called in a prescription for her. I was actually very glad they found something because she just wasn't feeling well.

I called them back yesterday though because she still isn't feeling well, even after almost a week on antibiotics. But today I've decided that's just because she's lucky enough to have managed to catch a cold. Makes me tempted to have Dylan go visit his grandparents for a while. If he would. Which he wouldn't do. I'll just have to make sure he washes his hands a lot and uses hand sanitizer and it seems kind of pointless to put a sign on the door asking people to please not come in if they are sick or have been around anyone who is sick at all when people here are sick.

I have a feeling it's going to be a long winter.


Lisa Q said...

No fun. We're headed north today for a doctor appointment ourselves. Jack has had a dry cough since thursday. I have been dragging my feet to go to the doctor as well. His full cardiology appt isn't until December.

mommysmagicalhands said...

Hi Cindy,
my name is Marjeta, and wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a beautiful family.
yes, i too have the feeling that it's going to be a long winter. I have three kids and the last two weeks have been tough!! We have all been sick!! Nut fun
Hope your daughter is feeling better
Take care,

Melissa said...

Feel better soon kids!!!