Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Work in Progress

Even though I'm a few posts behind, Russ wanted me to post pictures of the work we are doing in our kitchen. Not finished yet. I told him I thought it was silly to post pictures before it's done, but he wants "to show people." So instead of telling him to take pictures with his phone and show them that way, I decided to be nice and post a couple here. They aren't good pictures. The camera is charging so I used my phone's camera. The paint color doesn't show through very well. The bottom isn't actually as dark as it looks in the picture. Just so you know.

After having the better part of the week of not being able to really clean, I had a busy day yesterday of cleaning. Decided I was tired of sweeping the floor in the living room so dragged (I'd say carried, but it was quite heavy so dragged is more like what I did) the leftover carpet we have upstairs to use as a rug. We got extra with that intent anyway. Cut that down a little for a better size (after Russ complained about the size and got sworn at...for those of you who saw my status on facebook, that's why) and later started to paint in the kitchen. I'm not putting up a picture of the carpet. Just the kitchen. So really this paragraph is one big ramble.

Anyway, Russ has been working on tiling the back splash. Almost done. Not grouted yet. But you get the general idea.


Anonymous said...

It's looking good!

Monica said...

You kitchen is going to look great. I love the design that you have going.

Living Green said...

Looks Great!