Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swimming with Grandparents

This past Thursday we took the kids and went swimming with Russ' parents. There is a community pool where they live and they had previously mentioned that Thursdays are a good time to go. Russ called them to see if it was still good and off we went. We all had a good time. Dylan wasn't real happy until I took him from Russ, and then he had a blast. Wouldn't go in the float we have for him when Russ had him but went in happily when I did. Don't know why. But he would lean over and blow bubbles. He was the first to decide that he had enough swimming. He sure did shiver. Toward the end we were the only ones in the pool. Made it nice. And it was late enough that the pool was totally shaded. We'll have to see about going swimming again sometime.

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took of the kids and Russ before I got in the pool. Sometimes it's nice to be the one taking the pictures. You will notice that I'm not in a single one of these pictures. For which you should be grateful. The pictures are pretty self explanatory. I'll just mention that Dylan could see me and was thus reaching for me in the last one.

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