Friday, November 9, 2012

Quick Trip to Idaho

About a month ago, I mentioned to my mom how Molly had written a small story at school about taking a trip up to Idaho to visit her cousins.  She wrote how it was a really long drive but how she had so much fun and hopes she gets to go again.  We said it would be fun to take another quick trip up over UEA, which was coming up in the middle of the month.  That chat set things in motion and we decided to go.

Jimmy stayed with Russ' parents for most of the trip.  He had just gotten a leopard gecko and was worried about Russ taking care of it. Plus he didn't want to drive that long.  We made good time heading there and so decided to wait until we got there for lunch, having left in the morning.

We had a good time visiting.  We didn't go swimming that first day, but did the next.  The pool wasn't as cold as I remembered it.  Might have helped that the weather that weekend was cooler.

We spent time just hanging out at Stacey's house, which was interesting with my youngest two being afraid of dogs.  They did eventually get brave enough to actually touch Ozzy, Stacey's Great Dane/Mastiff mix.

On Saturday we went to the open house for the Boise Temple.  Rachel kept taking off and kids were excited to be with cousins, but overall it was a better experience than going to the Brigham City contractor's open house.  I think counting the drive to a ward building, riding the bus to the temple, touring the temple, then the bus ride back to the ward building took less time than we stood waiting in line just to get in the Brigham City open house.

We drove home on Sunday.  Emma sat by Rachel for the ride home and was very good with her.  Played with her and kept her entertained for the 5+ hour ride.  Rachel stayed awake until we were just a few minutes from home.  It was nice that Russ had picked up Jimmy from his parent's house the day before so we didn't need to get him on our way home.  After that drive, making an extra stop didn't sound fun.

All in all, it was a fun trip to visit my sister and her family.

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