Friday, November 9, 2012

Dylan's Surgery

Dylan had his surgery on Tuesday.  We were supposed to check in at the hospital at 6:00 a.m.  In some ways, it's really nice to be the first surgery scheduled for the day.  In other ways, it makes it tricky.  We worked things out with my mom to be to our house to help the kids get off to school and to tend Rachel.

Dylan was surprisingly happy when we got to the hospital.  He knew why we were going so I thought he would get upset when we got there.  He played with toys and did things he was asked without much question.  He did start to get nervous at one point and kept saying he wanted to go home.

When they were wheeling him toward surgery after we kissed him and told him we would see him in a little bit, he cried out, "But don't go home!"  I thought it was cute that he was worried we would go home while he was still there.

A little bit into the surgery, one of the nurses assisting called us in the waiting room to let us know that the cyst didn't appear to be a thyroglossal cyst like they had thought, but a dermoid cyst, which is much easier and less involved to remove.  That was good news.  Later when the doctor came out to talk to us, he said he saw no reason why Dylan would have to stay the night like we had been planning.

After spending some time in recovery (doesn't matter if they give Dylan anti-nausea medicine, he still hurls at least once after anesthesia), we were able to go home.  Dylan perked right up on the way out of the hospital.  Sitting in the car, waiting to go, he said to me, "It's morning."  It was about 10:30.  It had been very dark for the drive to the hospital, so Dylan hadn't realized it was morning.

It was easy to tell when Dylan needed more pain medicine that day and the next couple of days.  He would hold his neck very still and move kind of stiffly.  Once the pain medicine kicked in, he acted like nothing happened, so I let him go to preschool yesterday.  Today he hasn't needed pain medicine at all, but I'm sure he will be even happier once the steri-strips come off.

I didn't think Dylan would feel well enough to go to preschool at all this week.  Thought going to church this coming Sunday would be questionable.  I'm glad he's doing so well and that his surgery is behind us.

I did get a call today from the doctor with the pathology report.  Said it seems to be the dermoid cyst like they though, so nothing to worry about.  Yay for good reports.

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