Saturday, June 18, 2011

Successful Cath

Dylan had his heart cath yesterday.  He did well with it and acts like nothing even happened yesterday.  Only thing I notice that shows that he had it is the two tiny cuts from where they went in with the catheter and what part of the adhesive from the tape hasn't come off his skin yet. 

We weren't supposed to have him to the hospital until noon.  I knew as soon as they said noon that he would be there overnight.  When we walked into the hospital, Dylan knew where we were and wasn't really happy. Kept saying that he wanted to go home or go to Grandma's.  He did get happy for a bit playing with toys in the waiting room but really wasn't happy when we went back to a room to change him into the hospital clothes.  He kept pointing at the exam table and said he didn't want to lay on that.  A nurse found a box of dinosaur toys for him that cheered him right up though.

The anesthesiologist came in and talked to us and talked about some of the risks involved with going into the pulmonary arteries (they can sometimes bleed which scares them and causes extra problems).  He watched as the IV team attempted to put one in Dylan and failed.  He said watching him gave him confidence in how Dylan would do with the procedure.  (They put in an IV later, after they had him asleep for the procedure.)  They gave Dylan a little bit of medicine to help calm him and make him a little sleepy and then we walked down to the cath lab where we talked to the doctor who would be doing the procedure.  He told us that he would also attempt to fix his leaky conduit (the artificial vein) while he was in there and try to get him back to us in the best shape possible.  We were given a pager and told they would page us when he was done and to go back to the cath lab where the doctor would tell us how it went.

After we walked away I remembered that I had wanted to take his picture before the procedure.  Too late.  Never did get any pictures in the hospital.  Wish I had.  Ah well.

When they paged us and we talked with the doctor, he showed us video and pictures of the procedure.  He showed us how they had used a stent to widen the narrow artery.  He also told us in going in to check the conduit, he found it wasn't narrow at all, but that he found that the valve is basically gone.  For now it's fine but will need to be fixed at some point.  Hopefully later rather than sooner. 

After he was awake and seemed pretty stable I went back home with the kids and Russ stayed with him for the night.  They were discharged around 8:30 this morning, after doing an x-ray to make sure things still looked good.

Dylan is supposed to take it easy for a couple of days.  He keeps saying that he "got shots" at the doctor but like I said acts totally normal.  For which I'm glad.

I will add though that going to a church activity the night before and finding out there that the theme was basically how to prepare for funerals isn't the most fun thing to do.  But pretty funny at the same time.

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