Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cupcakes and Cat

Yes, I could easily make this two separate posts but thought I'd save myself a little time by combining them into two posts.  Just because.

For Lyssa's birthday I made butterfly cupcakes instead of making a regular cake.  They were actually really easy to make and Lys loved them.  I even let her help a little.  Just a little though.  I run out of patience when it's something like the cupcakes when they don't do them quite like I think they should.  You can find the directions here on the Family Fun magazine's website.  If I were to make them again, I would make sure I did the white chocolate part of the wings a little thicker than I did.  They broke easily.  But they were kind of fun to make.

They didn't leave much space for putting candles, but I found a way.  Used the same candles I used on Jimmy's cake.  A few with the flame the color of the candle and a couple of the kind that relight. 
Yesterday as kind of a birthday gift for all of the girls (and Dylan since he says he wants it for him as well) for their birthdays this year, Russ came home with a cat.  He went to the animal shelter and picked her out from there.  The staff there named her Roxie and the kids all love the name so it will likely stay even though Russ doesn't really like the name.  She's a Domestic Shorthair/Siamese mix with the lynx point markings.  Whatever lynx point markings means.  I think she's just a pretty cat.  She hid most of the time she was here yesterday until the kids were all asleep.  Today she's warming up a bit more.  Still hides at times, but not nearly as much.  Wonder how long it's going to take us to get used to having a pet again.  Although it was pretty funny to have Russ get startled when she darted through the kitchen last night.  At first glance he thought she was a very large rat. I'd say he screeched a little, but it wasn't really a screech.

The kids were are very excited.  Dylan almost more than the rest.  So as she was hiding yesterday, they were gathered around following her to try to see her even as she was trying to hide from them.  Which was funny in and of itself.

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hailey said...

your cat Roxie is so pretty