Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dylan's Famous!

Well, sort of.  Before CHD week, I sent an email to the county newspaper suggesting a story of IHH as part of CHD week.  I was kind of surprised when I got an email back asking if the group has members who live in the county as they mostly focus on county issues and people.  I emailed back saying that we do have several members in the county and that I also live in the county.  I received another email asking for a phone number to reach me for a story.  Several days passed and last Monday while I was up at Primary's with the table IHH had, the lady who had been emailing me called. Unfortunately, my cell phone was beeping at me because the battery was basically empty.  I asked her if I could call her back.  When I was leaving the hospital I plugged my phone in the car charger and sat in the parking stall and called her back.  Which might not have been the best idea since I kept unplugging it accidentally and reception in the parking isn't the greatest.  After losing connection toward the end of our conversation, I decided to drive to a better location for reception before calling her back.  She asked a few questions and I told her a little about my own experience with IHH and with having a child with a heart defect.  I later emailed her a few pictures of Dylan for them to use with the article. 

This past weekend's edition had the article. I was surprised how big they had the pictures.  I thought the article turned out well.  Her opening wasn't quite what I had said (she wrote that I call IHH "the best group no one wants to join."  I had actually said it was the best group people wish they didn't have to be a part of, but I guess that's close enough), but I was just glad that I didn't sound like as big of a dork as I felt when I had talked to her.  When I looked at the article online, about 250 people had looked at it.  Not too bad.

And yes, I am keeping a copy of the article to put in Dylan's baby book.  Assuming I ever actually get around to making his baby book.  Surely one of these days I'll do it.  Surely.

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