Monday, January 31, 2011

4 Month Check-up and Registrations

I took Rachel to the doctor today for her 4 month check-up.  She smiled at the doctor the whole time.  Didn't like being weighed and measured and complained a little then though.  She's now 26 inches long and weighs 15 pounds, 3 ounces.  Her height is a little above the 95th percentile and her weight is a little above the 75th percentile, which is about what it was at 2 months.  Her head is just above the 50th percentile so she still has a little head compared to the rest of her. 

She received two shots and one oral immunization today.  Surprised me by not crying for very long with the shots.  She actually cried more on the way home because she was tired. 

This morning was Jimmy's Jr. High registration.  The councilors from the Jr. High came over to the elementary school so it was really fast for each student.  When I got over to the classroom for the registration, they asked me for my student's name to call him out of class.  Dylan saw Jimmy stand up and did a little happy dance.  When Jimmy came out of his class Dylan said, "Hi," and gave Jimmy a quick hug around his leg. 

I was surprised how quickly it went.  They pointed us to an open councilor and we sat at a desk with him.  Handed him the papers we had been sent, and he looked over them quickly and asked if we had any questions.  He handed us back the immunization record and we then took that over to another lady who looked at it and made sure everything was marked and that was it.  Jimmy will get his class schedule in the summer and they will have a kick-off day for the 7th graders to go and try out their lockers and such.

I definitely don't feel old enough to have a kid starting Jr. High.  I did realize today though that when Jimmy is a senior in high school that Rachel will just be starting with kindergarten.  That one made me feel tired.  Made it feel like it will be a really long time before I will have some real alone time.  I do know that it will come faster than I think.  I'd say that I'm sure I will miss having someone home all the time, but you know, right at this moment the thought of having all of the kids in school at least for a short time sounds kind of nice.  I'm blaming that one on the fact that the kids get out early all week and have been fighting over simple things.  Like food.

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Melissa said...

I hear you on the fighting and alone time! Ahhhh!! Sounds like Rachel is doing great!