Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Leaving Comfort Zones

I don't ever remember being accused of being outgoing.  I do, however, remember a few times when people have told me I'm the quietest person they've ever met (at least when they first met me).  Look up the word "introvert" in the dictionary and you should find a picture of me.  Growing up I made my sister do most of the talking for me.  I've gotten better though.  Or at least I keep telling myself that.

This month I officially started my term as vice president of Intermountain Healing Hearts (or IHH for short).  I have been very impressed with this group and when the opportunity came decided to submit my name for this position so that I could have an opportunity to give back and do my part in making sure the group keeps moving forward.  As I learn my new role I'm sure I'll make a few mistakes but I'm working with a great bunch of ladies who are very capable and talented and will hopefully put up with my errors.

With National CHD Awareness week coming up (Feb 7-14), we have been discussing what we need to do.  Every year a table has been set up on the 3rd floor of Primary Children's Medical Center by the group with brochures and things to help spread awareness.  We discussed trying to contact various media outlets to try to get the word out about CHD week and about IHH.  Well, I decided to send a message to my county's local newspaper.  A lady who works at the paper has emailed me back a couple of times,this last time requesting my phone number so that she can contact me further.  While I think it's really great that she seems interested in the story, there's a part of me that quite enjoys sitting in the comfort zone of the background starting to get a bit nervous.  If I listen close I can hear that part of me cry, "Oh, no! What if she wants to take my picture?!"  Okay, maybe it's more that I really don't like pictures of myself.  Then there's the part of me that isn't nervous.  I have to listen harder to hear that one, but I hear it roll the eyes and respond, "Oh, just put on some make-up and you'll do fine."

Is it any wonder why my favorite t-shirt saying reads, "Even if the voices aren't real, they have some pretty good ideas"?

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