Monday, February 22, 2010

Lys and the Dentist

My kids are not the bravest kids in the world. I realize this. So I was surprised when Lys said she wanted to get her cavity filled without being sedated when both Emma and Molly quite strongly said that they wanted to be asleep for their work back two dentist visits ago. She tried to be brave that first time. For all of about 30 seconds. They were able to fill her cavity, but she did not make it easy for them. So I'm sure you can imagine her distress a short while later when that filling came out and I told her I would have to take her back to the dentist. She again tried to be brave as they put in a new filling on that tooth. The dentist said that it really should be capped but she was having such a hard time that he did a quick filling repair and recommended that I eventually bring her back in to get a cap on the tooth and make sure it was a sedated appointment because he worried that her memories of the dentist would not be good ones with the experience with getting the filling filled twice. He said he didn't know how long that filling would last.

Time passed and I would occasionally think of calling the dentist but her tooth seemed to be okay. I finally did call the dentist and schedule the appointment though. I could see signs that the filling was not going to last much longer. And I was right. During preschool as she was eating candy, the filling came out along with a piece of her tooth.

With it being a sedated appointment and it being in the morning, Russ stayed home and was nice enough to take her while I stayed home and got the others off to school and took care of Dylan. I told Russ before he left that I was pretty sure that they wouldn't be able to cap the tooth and would end up just having to pull it. Part of me thought it was silly to have her sedated just for a quick tooth pull, but I knew how nervous she was and how nervous Emma was when they pulled her tooth.

I think I got the better end of the deal. My biggest worry was getting the garbage can out to the street when Dylan wanted me to sit and watch Blue's Clues with him. While Russ got the joys of helping a very groggy girl and cleaning up after her when she threw up three times before leaving the dentist. Luckily she didn't throw up at home.

I did laugh that as he carried her in and as she was obviously a bit on the loopy side, she had to make sure to show me the prize she got from the toy machine at the dentist. And chuckled as she asked me as she had me watch Go Diego! Go! with her which octopus was the real one and which one wasn't since she was seeing double still. Brought back memories of Molly being sedated and saying to me that when she first saw me I had two noses, "but I didn't laugh."

I will say that I am looking forward to this short break of going to the dentist before we take the kids back for their next cleaning. And next time we take Dylan for his first trip to the dentist. That should be interesting. Wonder if they'll even let them touch him.

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