Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dylan's 18 Month Checkup

Dylan had his 18 month checkup today. I laughed because the nurse at first asked if he were in for his year checkup. Apparently time has gone by just as fast for her. She commented about remembering when he first went there.

Dylan was surprisingly good this time. At his 15 month appointment he cried nearly the whole time he was being examined. This time he was nervous but just watched the doctor very carefully. Even smiled at him. Briefly.

Dylan is just below, but very close to the average for height at 32 inches. He now weighs 24 pounds, 1 ounce, which is only a very slight gain from last time. But after a week of not eating much because of a sore throat and then a recent bout of diarrhea, it's not surprising. His doctor wasn't concerned at all as it is still a gain and he's above the 25th percentile. Added that with the statistics of so many teenagers being overweight, it's not a bad thing to keep him on the lean side.

I did chuckle when after listening to his heart the doctor said, "Yep, sounds like a Maytag." I've read where other people with truncus kids have had doctors tell them their hearts sound like a washing machine. Of course, Dylan's doctor doesn't know I've read that, but I still thought it was funny.

Dylan had his last shot until his kindergarten checkup today. I was smart. I let him pick out a sucker from the sucker drawer and so when the nurse came back in to give him his shot, he had that happily in hand (with the wrapper still on). He started to cry when she gave him the shot but I quickly pulled off the wrapper and he happily stuck it in his mouth, stopping any thoughts of the shot. He was just happy to be going, as anyone who was near could tell by his happily heading out the door saying, "Go! Go!"

The next checkup he should have will be his next echo sometime in May. Which reminds me. I suppose I could call and schedule that appointment soon. They did say they would send me a reminder card to schedule the appointment, but I may not wait for the card to do that. Hopefully he won't need to go to the doctor for any reason before then. That would be nice.

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