Monday, January 25, 2010

Words, Words, Words

You'd think that with my 5th child I wouldn't be amazed at how well and how many words he says. Especially when all of my children have been good talkers. Sure, I've had more than one amaze people in nursery when we've gone to pick them up and they start chatting because they don't say a single word while we're gone, but they really have all been good talkers. Back in November when Dylan had his last echo, his cardiologist asked how many words he says. We made a quick guess because we hadn't counted at that point. Russ guessed between 20 and 30 words. I thought it was closer to about 15. And you know what? I still couldn't tell you exactly how many words he says. He does sometimes say a complete sentence though. Lately he likes to say, "I wanna go!" No, he doesn't care where, he just wants to go for a ride or go outside and play.

I couldn't help yesterday but smile when we were at our special Stake Conference with Elder Holland of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles. Russ had given Dylan a piece of paper and a couple of crayons and he happily sang (for a good part of the meeting, I might add), "Color, color, color!" Yes, I know that we have said we are keeping Dylan home from church and things during the winter to try to keep him from getting sick. Besides the fact that he still catches everything, neither of us wanted to miss this meeting so we decided to take him yesterday. A bit selfish of us, I know.

In fact, Dylan is getting to be a toad when it comes to coloring. He will find a crayon and color on whatever surface is nearby. Including the tablecloth, the dishwasher, the fridge and the cabinets. One time I found him crouched under the bench for our organ coloring the underside. He got mad when I didn't let him color on the computer screen. But he's the happiest toad as he's doing it. And happily singing like he did yesterday. He makes me laugh though. If he gets a piece of paper, he will take it and lay down on the floor to color on it. Here's a picture of him doing it. No, I still haven't found my camera so this was taken with my cell phone, hence the poor quality.


Monica said...

You should let Dylan try those crayons that you can color on mirrors or really any glass surface. It is a lot of fun! But I guess the thing to worry about doing that is he might think it is okay to color on any surface with those.

Jared and Lisa said...

Ruby and him would get along so well... toddlers, hmm, or really fight. Sounds familiar to me.