Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Belated Christmas Post

About a week before Christmas I told Jimmy how I remember Christmas morning as a child. We would line up in the hall at a bright and early hour and wait for the okay to all rush into the living room where Santa always had lots of presents for us. The order of the line changed every year to try to keep it fair. Of course, the one who was sick that year was the one who got to go first. Jimmy asked me what happened if more than one person happened to be sick that year. I gave him the only answer I knew: I don't know. I should have known that I had just cursed my family.

A few days before Christmas, I noticed that Lyssa looked a bit flushed and her eyes looked bright red. Soon thereafter Molly and Emma also had the bright red eyes. All three had what I fondly term "eye boogers" and I knew conjunctivitis had invaded. And so the day before Christmas Eve I ended up at the doctor's office with the three girls to get the needed eye drops. I asked how long I should consider them being contagious. The nurse told me that as long as their eyes looked goopy.

Every year on Christmas Eve we get together with Russ' family for food, presents, and a program. That morning Russ was in a bit of a bad mood. Not only did the girls still have eye boogers, but Dylan now had some. Plus Russ said his eyes felt itchy and he was a bit coldy. So it ended up that Jimmy and I were the only ones who were able to make it to the party. Which really made it easy for me, but I would have preferred it if everyone had been able to go. The girl's eyes really did look much better by the time I got home from the party. So there was hope for Christmas day. Especially the way Jimmy was constantly washing his hands to try to avoid getting it.

Christmas morning arrived and the kids were happy to see the stash from Santa and seemed to like all of their gifts. The only remaining gifts were to my parents, whom we planned to visit that afternoon. Russ and I worked on putting together the treadmill he got me for Christmas when Jimmy came out of his room with a grunt and his shirt pulled up over his face. Yes, despite all of his hand washing (and sanitizing everything with Lysol), he got it. So again I was the one to go while Russ stayed home with Jimmy. Only this time the girls and Dylan were able to go with me.

We didn't stay all that long because Dylan didn't get a nap and was cranky. At one point he tried to get me to stand up and kept saying, "Go!"

At least we were generally well for New Year's.

Yes, I know I have no pictures with this post. I did take a few. And then couldn't remember where I put the camera. Then I found it and set it somewhere so I would remember where it was. Yeah, I shouldn't do that. Once again, I can't remember where I moved it to.

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