Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not What I Planned For Today

Just to warn you, this post is somewhat long and rambling. And probably far more detail than you need or wanted to know.

I had plans on how my day would go. I would get up, wake up Emma and Molly and get them ready for school. I would send them and Jimmy to school then finish getting ready and get Lys and Dylan ready to take Lys to preschool where she was Star of the Day today. I planned on getting stuff ready, picking Molly up from kindergarten then heading over to Lyssa's preschool with her Star of the Day sack and some treats for her class. Then I'd come home and make the kids lunch, get Dylan down for a nap and finish up some cleaning. Figured for a few days that's how today would go.

That was before Lyssa came up to me a little bit upset last night. A filling that she had just gotten at the very end of November fell out. Not wanting to repeat the abscess that Emma had with a chipped tooth, I told her that I would need to call the dentist in the morning. I also told her that it would be unlikely that they would get her in today, which I think made her feel a little better.

Well, not much of my morning went as planned. The girls got up pretty easily but took long enough finding shoes that I ended up driving them to school so they wouldn't be late. Only Molly decided she was scared to go in and stood in the front of the school. I sat in the car and watched her to make sure she went in. The minutes passed and she still stood there, staring at the car. I unrolled the window and told her to go in and that I couldn't take her in because I wasn't ready. I was still in my pajamas. She eventually won. I hopped out of the car and took her to her class, where I left her watching me leave.

By the time I got back home it was nearly time to take Lys to preschool. I rushed and got ready and drove her over. She was sad because she had hoped we would have time before going that she could help me make the rice krispy treats for her class. I told her I would make them when I got back. We were a few minutes late to preschool, which was fine because a lot of the other kids were arriving at the same time.

I got home and made the treats for her and sat down to chat online with my family like I do most mornings. After a while I remembered that I needed to call the dentist. There is where my plans changed the most.

They asked me how soon I could get her in. The dentist who put in the filling only works Mondays and Tuesdays and leaves at 12:30 on those days. So instead of waiting for Molly to get out of kindergarten and then going over to Lyssa's preschool, I ended up getting Molly out a few minutes early. I took the treats and the Star of the Day sack over and told a little about Lys and let her pass out the treats and then we left as quickly as we could for the dentist. And hit nearly every light red.

The dentist put in a new filling but noted that when her filling came out that a piece of tooth came out with it so it really needs a crown rather than a filling. Lyssa had gotten herself worked up about getting a new filling so wasn't holding still enough to get the crown. He said that the filling will likely fall out sometime, but until then this should work. They want me to call after the holidays and schedule a sedated appointment to get a crown put on the tooth. Getting there as late as we did, I was surprised when we were done just before 12:30.

Funny how something that took at most a half hour of my plans could add some stress to the day. But at least it's done. And at least I didn't get charged anything for today.


Monica said...

That sure is a lot to deal with in one day. You sure are a super mom being able to handle it all.

Anonymous said...

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