Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dylan!

I'm a couple of days late, but happy birthday to Dylan!  He turned 4 this year.  In a little over a month, he'll start preschool.  He sure is growing up quickly.

On his birthday, we went out to lunch with my mom, my aunt, my sister and her daughters.  Dylan requested Training Table, so that's where we ate. He seemed to have a good birthday.

Today he had his 4 year well check, which he wasn't thrilled about.  Especially the part where he got four shots.  He was happy and gave big smiles at the start of the doctor visit, but got more and more unhappy with being there so got quieter and quieter and wouldn't smile again.  He is now at about the 60% for both height and weight.  I think he actually weighs the same he did a year ago, but no one said anything about it at the doctor's office.  I'm going to have to find what I did with the growth chart I have for him and look it up.  Not that it will make a difference, though.  He's basically average for his age.

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