Sunday, July 29, 2012

More Stitches for Dylan

Yes, I'm a bit behind on posting.  But at least I'm trying to catch up, right?  Anyway, a few weeks ago Dylan was playing with his sisters and fell into a bed frame and cut just above his lip.  He ended up with three stitches.  He was actually really good taking him to the doctor.  Only cried with the last stitch, because that one hurt him a little bit.  He was lucky and the numbing cream worked well enough that they didn't have to give him any numbing shots.  His lip looked better and better each day and by the time the stitches came out (which we took out ourselves after he fell asleep because he was a little scared about getting them out), it was back to normal.  Well, as normal as it will be now with a nice little scar.  

As we were sitting in the procedure room of the instacare, I commented to Dylan that one of these days I really need to get him the t-shirt that reads, "Chicks dig scars."  And maybe someday I will.

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