Monday, April 2, 2012

Ah! I Have a Teenager!

I'm a bit late on posting this (which seems to be the story of my blog lately), but about two weeks ago, Jimmy turned 13.  Yep, I am the proud parent of a teenager now.  He didn't get a big party this year.  He planned one and decided to cancel it when he saw the forecast showed that it would be cold and stormy.  Instead he went with a friend to Boondocks and had a good time.  I made him a cheesecake that he ate all by himself.  Kind of planned on that and actually made a second cheesecake and a regular cake for everyone else.  What can I say?  My sweet tooth was acting up.

So even though it's belated, happy birthday Jimmy!  I hope this coming year is a great one for you.  And I still need to get around to telling you about the day you were born, don't I.

*By the way, he said he hates this picture of himself.  Which he wanted me to mention.  And so I did.

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

You forgot to mention that i got glasses.

And p.s my birthday was exactly two weeks ago.