Tuesday, November 9, 2010

SEP Conferences

I attended SEP Conferences for my kids today. All went well. Jimmy's and Lyssa's were what I expected. Doing well, keep reading more, etc. I always worry a little bit going to Emma's because of her lack of doing work in kindergarten and in 1st grade. But hers was good. The AR reading has Emma reading a whole grade above where she is and her math is into the grade above as well. She just needs to get a little faster. Molly's also went about like I figured from the papers she's been bringing home. She gets 100% on almost everything and is very good at art. Her teacher wants her to have a goal of reading 2o minutes every day instead of the 5-10 that she suggests for the 1st grade.

When SEP Conferences are being held, the school holds a book fair. My kids love getting new books so we went to the book fair in between conferences. I broke down and let the kids get a little toy thing as well. Jimmy got a rubber fly. Walking out, he let Dylan hold it. Dylan happily held it to his chest. Then looked down at it. At that moment Jimmy really wishes we had been filming. Dylan started to scream and cry, "It's going to get me!" Jimmy had to take it from Dylan before he would stop.

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