Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stitches for Dylan

A few weeks ago Jimmy took Dylan in the kitchen to help him make some cookies. They were just the store bought kind that you put the dough on the cookie sheet and bake. Well, the cookies didn't get made that day. Dylan slipped and hit the back of his head on a chair. After I picked him up, Jimmy noticed that he was bleeding. A lot. At which point Jimmy panicked. I kept telling him that head wounds bleed a lot, but can understand why it would scare him.

Russ ended up taking Dylan in to the doctor where they put in three stitches. Dylan had to be held down for it. When Russ called me to say they were on their way home, I could hear Dylan crying that he wanted his mom. Poor kid.

While Russ was gone with him, I got a call from his parents. Jimmy had called and left a message telling them about Dylan. Which they couldn't understand because he was so upset. All they understood was, "sob...sob...sob...Dylan...sob sob...It's all my fault." So they imagined the worst. I'm sure I would have too. Still find it somewhat funny though.

When it was time for the stitches to come out, we waited for him to fall asleep and took them out ourselves so he wouldn't have to get upset about it again. He refused to let anyone look at his cut and stitches so figured it would also be easier. I was surprised that they only put in three stitches when I saw it. It was sore for a while after. I'm sure it was bruised. Here's a picture right after we took out the stitches.

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