Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Russ!

Happy birthday to Russ today! He's getting his wish that he stressed to me quite often of no gifts today. Mostly because of Rachel's birth. Haven't been able to get him any gifts. Although I would guess just having had her before his birthday was a gift for him. He was starting to get worried she was going to be born on his birthday.

I chose this picture of Russ with Rachel (taken with my cell phone camera shortly after she was born) partially because it was the most recent picture I have of him and partially because it reminds me of what a good father he is.

Hope you have a great birthday today, Russ! The kids and I love you very much!

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Mike said...

Russ, congrats on the new baby and also for getting old. I agree with Cindy, you are a pretty awesome guy. A great brother too. Happy Birthday old man.