Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Alyssa!

Alyssa turned 5 years old today. How quickly the time has gone by. We had a birthday party for her last Saturday at the park. She invited kids from her preschool class and had a good time. I didn't get many pictures from her party unfortunately. Couldn't find where I had shoved the camera with all of the rest of the things we brought over to the park. Found it in time to get her being sung to for eating cake and ice cream and then put the camera away and had a hard time finding it again.

She is one of the happiest kids I know. Always has a smile on her face and an easy going attitude. She is excited to start kindergarten in the fall. She's hoping to get the same teacher that her sisters and brother had. Should be finding out tomorrow sometime.

Happy birthday, Alyssa! I hope you have a great one this year! Love you!


Linda and Peter said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa!!! I can't believe she is 5 already, she is such a cute and sweet little girl. She IS always smiling and happy. I don't think I have seen her cry or be grumpy much at all.

Monica said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! Your kids are growing up way to fast. I can't believe that Alyssa is already five. I sure hope she get the teacher that she wanted.