Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dylan rolling over

I know I said I might not add any more videos, but I was able to film Dylan rolling over (for his second time) with my cell phone and thought I would add it. Just because. Granted, the cell phone really isn't good quality filming, but that's okay. Usually my kids don't like to roll over and don't do it until later. He always rolls the one direction. I just wish I had been filming when Evelyn tried to give him some soda. The expression he gave her after he totally shuddered was classic.


Linda said...

That is so cute!! I love when babies first roll over. Cute!!

Monica said...

It is always fun to see children reach certain mile stones in their lives. Does he start crying right after he is on his stomach? That is what my niece does instantly.

Cindy said...

He doesn't cry right away, but will eventually.