Friday, September 14, 2012

More Surgery for Dylan

If you scroll down to the previous post and look at the picture of Dylan, you will notice that he has a large adam's apple.  Or that's what we figured it was.  Thought it a bit strange that someone so young would have such a pronounced one (or one that showed up at all, even), but I never would remember to ask the doctor about it.  Well, until yesterday, that is.

I took Dylan to the doctor yesterday and while there happened to mention the adam's apple to the nurse.  She looked at it (have I mentioned that I really like this nurse?  Almost like her better than the doctor) and kind of frowned after she felt it.  She said she was going to go get the doctor to come in and look at it.  At which point I knew it wasn't just a large adam's apple.  When the doctor came in, he took one look at it and said that it was a thyroglossal cyst and needs to be removed.  Which means that Dylan gets to have another surgery.  Well, after we meet with the pediatric otolaryngologist.

If you google "thyroglossal cyst," one result that pulls up is a video on youtube of the surgery to remove the cyst.  I can't bring myself to watch it at this point.  I have watched the video there of open heart surgery to repair truncus arteriosus, but not until at least 3 years after Dylan had his.  Another result was for a website explaining things about it.  According to that website (which I would post a link to but I can't remember which it was), it can be a congenital defect that may not be seen until later.  Also if it's large, it can cause breathing problems.  Large was considered anything bigger than 1/2 inch.  Without measuring, I would say Dylan's is bigger than that.  But he has no breathing issues.

I take Dylan to the otolaryngologist near the end of next week.  I will try to remember to update when I know more.  I just feel bad for him that he will need more surgery.  He was afraid all last night that I would take it out while he was asleep.  He kept saying he likes it there.

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