Monday, May 9, 2011

Heart Mom Luncheon

A little over a week ago Intermountain Healing Hearts held its second Heart Mom Luncheon.  Being on the governing board, I had some small part in helping with it this year.  The one last year was so good we knew we didn't want to even try to compete with it so we kept it simple.  Knowing that the biggest part of having the luncheon is to get together with women going through a similar life journey, we made sure to have part of it introductions where everyone could stand up and say who they are, where they live, and which type of CHD their child(ren) has.  We also had a video from pictures everyone sent in of their heart kids and glitter toes for those who wanted it.  Lunch was catered by Cafe Rio (thanks to a member of the group who works for their corporate offices we got a nice discount on the food). 

Each "Heart Mom" was allowed to bring one guest.  I brought my mom.  I know she couldn't hear most of what everyone said, but I'm glad she was there with me anyway.  I hope she enjoyed it as well as I did. 

Even though we didn't try to compete with last year's, I think it turned out every bit as good.  From what I could tell, everyone had a good time.  The introductions part was full of emotion as people described the issues for each child (I was the only one there whose child has truncus), especially for those whose children have passed away.  The parts of the video showing the pictures of those heart angels was also heart-wrenching.

For some reason my computer doesn't want to upload all of the pictures that I took at the luncheon, but I did manage to get these two.  They are mostly of the decorations for the event before people started to arrive.  I'm grateful that we have this group and glad that I was able to help out with the event this year. 

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